Departamentul pentru Armamente Centenarul Primului Război Mondial

Provide DCIS Equipment for Small NRF HQs IFB-CO-14760-FIREFLY, Amendment 1

Termen limită: Luni, 01 Aprilie 2019

The purpose of this Amendment is to answer Bidder clarification questions A1 to A9) and T1 to T3) at (Attachment A). Modify BOOK I, Bidding Instructions at paragraph 2.6.2, see (Attachment B). Modify BOOK II Part IV SOW at WP 1-51 and 1.52, see (Attachment C). References and templates listed in the SOW will be released to Bidders at (Attachment D).

Notificări parteneri

  • Market Survey Project Kosovo Forces - Very high frequency command network upgrade
  • Notification of intend AFSC Risk Reduction/Material Feasibility
  • Amendment 1 to the Notification of Intent (NOI) to IFB-CO-14797-CTD
  • Invitatie la licitatie in cadrul proiectului NATO Security Investment Program/Refacerea structurii de protectie la radarul Yamadag
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