Departamentul pentru Armamente Centenarul Primului Război Mondial


Provide Role 1 Primary Health Care Facility at Kabul International Airport (KAIA) Afghanistan

Termen limita: Joi, 20 Septembrie 2012

Rough Terrain Scissors Lifts

Termen limita: Luni, 10 Septembrie 2012

Concrete Mixers

Termen limita: Luni, 10 Septembrie 2012

Helipad Equipment

Termen limita: Luni, 10 Septembrie 2012

Provide Operational Accomodation at Kandahar AF (KAF) Afghanistan

Termen limita: Joi, 06 Septembrie 2012

40 Tonne Cranes

Termen limita: Vineri, 30 Noiembrie 2012
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Notificări parteneri

  • Market Survey - Request for Additional Information project “Provide Multiband Man-pack and Fly-away Terminals”
  • Market Survey Project Kosovo Forces - Very high frequency command network upgrade
  • Notification of intend AFSC Risk Reduction/Material Feasibility
  • Amendment 1 to the Notification of Intent (NOI) to IFB-CO-14797-CTD
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